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A&T and Innovation

As much as I love my university, I believe A&T1 has a problem. We produce the most black engineers, but the main focus is to get a job, not create jobs. We need to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Other universities have this down to a science. I believe it’s time for us to do the same.

Even a simple Hackathon2 is discouraged due to the name and the administration believing it is bad due to the word “hack” being in the name and the negative connotations. But they bring a lot of innovative ideas to the table. 

Hackathons aside, imagine students having more ambition to create a product, company, or more. With A&T being an HBCU, more black owned businesses would definitely show up.

What if A&T were to change? I’ll have more on this subject at a later time.




  1. http://www.ncat.edu/
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackathon

Computer Science learning resources

I’ve decided to compile a list of resources for Computer Science students, or really anyone to learn online at anytime.

Facebook Groups


Youtube Videos


I plan to keep the list updated with new resources I find. Please comment with suggestions.

WWDC 2015

WWDC 2015: Student Scholarship App

This year I have decided to work on an application for WWDC 2015. Students are encouraged to either create an application using Swift or a combination of Swift and Objective-C. I have decided to take the all Swift approach.

Lot of excitement!

for _ in 1...100000 { println("Hope my app is selected!") }

Diversity at WWDC

Apple has increased the number of students selected to 350 and added a diverse set of STEM organizations. It’s clear there’s a push for change and Apple is leading the way.