Swift 2: [iOS] beginner resources

A lot of people who are new to iOS development have absolutely no idea where to begin. I have decided to compile a list of free and paid resources to hopefully guide people in the right direction. Please comment below if you are aware of others as well.





  • The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course
    • For $10¹,  you are taught how to use Xcode 7 & Swift 2 to make real apps like Uber, Instagram & Flappy Bird. Includes free web hosting, assets & ebook.
  • The Swift Developers Cookbook by Erica Sadun
    • A great book by renowned author Erica Sadun, for developers who are moving to modern Swift from Objective-C, from older versions of the Swift language, or from the world of non-Apple languages.


[1]: The $10 deal is valid until Jan 12th, 2016. After, the course is $199.

[2]: Some resources on the CocoaNuts list may be in Objective-C.

School For Me

Helping parents and teachers 🙂

School For Me will help parents find a new school for their child and teachers locate schools that have a shortage for certain subjects. Parents may search for a school with certain criteria such as “low student to teacher ratio”, “title 1 school”, and so much more. I am using public data provided by the National Center for Education and Data.gov, both are updated yearly for the information provided.



Once the data is downloaded, a few fields were sanitized or removed. There is no need for extra data that will not be used. After cleaning the data, I uploaded it to a MySQL database hosted on my VPS. Currently the data is downloaded once per application load as a JSON result, although this process will change.

The API accepts three parameters: lat, lng, and distance. The distance parameter is optional and will default to 50 miles. The haversine formula is used to calculate the distance from the users coordinates to the nearest schools based on the provided distance.


A more detailed and better write up will be available soon. This is mainly for me to gather my thoughts until the application is finished. Screenshots and development videos have been attached, please keep in mind the design and functionality will only get better as development progresses.

  1. School For Me – Project page

A&T and Innovation

As much as I love my university, I believe A&T1 has a problem. We produce the most black engineers, but the main focus is to get a job, not create jobs. We need to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Other universities have this down to a science. I believe it’s time for us to do the same.

Even a simple Hackathon2 is discouraged due to the name and the administration believing it is bad due to the word “hack” being in the name and the negative connotations. But they bring a lot of innovative ideas to the table. 

Hackathons aside, imagine students having more ambition to create a product, company, or more. With A&T being an HBCU, more black owned businesses would definitely show up.

What if A&T were to change? I’ll have more on this subject at a later time.




  1. http://www.ncat.edu/
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackathon
Dallas, Tx

Summer in Texas

I have not updated my blog in so long it seems. I was hoping to write at least one post a week but I am no where near my goal. With all that being said, I want to provide an update on what I’ve doing in my life. I have been working in Texas for the last two months as an iOS Engineer for GF-17.

Background: GF-17 is a startup based in Dallas, Texas. We’re currently working on our first product, Coded. It will definitely change the way people manage their life and I can not wait to see it in the hands of users. My time here has been truly amazing and I can only thank the people that have allowed me to live in their home as if I were family.

Living in Texas is a truly different experience when you compare it to living in North Carolina. I can say though, without a doubt, moving here after graduation is highly likely. The people are friendly, the culture is lively, and the food is amazing!

The people I’ve had my experience with are truly amazing as well. Cam, who is the CEO of GF-17, is someone who I see as a brother and great friend. He has done everything possible to make my experience here the best. We’ve been to Top Golf, J. Cole’s Dollar and A Dream Concert (almost made it in!), and so much more.

IMG_0977 Mac and Cheese Burger with tater tots












Top Golf was truly amazing too! Even though I talked so much crap and said I would win, I definitely lost.

From Top Golf, to running with the crowd to see J. Cole was fun.

I even had the chance to visit a Tesla store and sit inside of my dream car! Hopefully I’ll own one soon.. time will tell 🙂

With all being said, I have to say the best experience was visiting Cam’s fiancè, Kam, ranch. We saw so much and I can’t wait to go back.

There is so much more I have to write about Texas but I will save it for another post. I love it here!


World of Warcraft header image

Work in Progress: A tool to help World of Warcraft players receive the current market price of WoW tokens

A personal project I am currently working on is a tool for World of Warcraft players to receive a notification of the current market price for a WoW token at the Auction House. It will allow users who sign up to have a notification sent via SMS (text), email, or push notifications via a mobile application (iOS and Android). The web application will receive development priority following the mobile application.


Here are screenshots of the project

WoW Token Notifier Home View

WoW Token Notifier Screenshot 1

Home Page View


WoW Token Notifier Dashboard View

WoW Token Notifier Screenshot 2

Dashboard View



I am hoping to launch the project into beta status and allow users to begin using the product by next week. Check back for more later!

Computer Science learning resources

I’ve decided to compile a list of resources for Computer Science students, or really anyone to learn online at anytime.

Facebook Groups


Youtube Videos


I plan to keep the list updated with new resources I find. Please comment with suggestions.